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Aesential Spirituality

Re-discover the power and relevancy of

Spirituality in the modern world.

Aesential Spirituality is:

•  A lifestyle that ascends upwards towards GOD and Paradise.

•  A journey of reconnecting to the spiritual energy of the world.

•  A way to become and be the best version of yourself.

•  An advocate for Freedom, Truth, and Spirit.

Aesential Spirituality is Not:

•  The religion that you learned as a child.

•  An easy way to achieve success.

•  A lifestyle that sells out to money or descends downwards.

•  A set of hard rules, commandments, or dogma.

In Latin, the word "Religion" means to "Reconnect" or "Re-Link"

Like reconnecting or healing a broken heart.

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Aesential Spirituality

How to Re-Connect with GOD

GOD is:

• The Creator of all things, space, time, and cycles.

• Everything, everywhere, and always. Omnipresent.

Infinite Love & Spirit that flows through all things.

• The miracle of life and the reality of death.

• The one essential entity of divine worship

GOD is not:

• An old man in the sky, male or female.

• An angry judge who wants to condemn you to hell.

• Locked within any one specific religion

The Universal Spiritual Axioms:

• There is only one GOD, creator of the universe & all things in it.

• Calling GOD he/she/they/it does not change what GOD is. 

• We are all brothers and sisters, the children of GOD.

• GOD loves you equally. You are Free to seek Truth. 

We have been blessed with the miracle of life. Therefore, to show our appreciation for this gift, we are obligated to direct our love back towards GOD. This includes: 

  1. Respecting all things created by GOD, since they have been touched by the divine.

  2. Creating deep & meaningful relationships with other people.

  3. Becoming the best version of ourselves, in the eyes of GOD.

  4. Allowing GOD's Love and the Holy Spirit to flow through us.

  5. Taking the time to give thanks (BABBE-G).

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Uni = One,    Verse = Transformative Words

Universe = One Word, Transforming = One God

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God." - John 1:1

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Do not confuse the human Jesus with

Christ: the highest state of being

Are you aware that the Christ is in you?

Appreciating this gift of life is to become fully Alive.

Aesential Spirituality

Re-Connect to GOD through the Conduit of Christ

The Christ is not:

•  A white man called Jesus

•  The carrier of your cross.

•  Owned by any church or organized religion.

The Christ is:

•  The conduit through which we connect to GOD.

•  The one who will guide us Truthfully on the enlightened path.

•  The hero who sacrifices everything, dies, and is re-born.

•  The highest level of being. The highest value in the hierarchy of Values.

•  The graceful judge, administrator of mercy, and forgiver of sins.

•  Our collective unconscious, evolved over millions of years.

In Greek, the word "Christos" means to "Anoint with Oil",   which we interpret as "The Chosen One"

Messiah (Mesyah) is the same word in Hebrew.

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If GOD chose you to be the one, the one to show the entire world

how to live righteously, what would you do differently?

What is stopping you from living that way right now?

Jordan Peterson discusses God and Christ

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