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Spiritual Flow

Top Down Flow of Spiritual Energy

God, Brahma

The Universe, Brahmand

Source of All Cosmic Energy

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Direction of Energy Flow

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The Sun

Provides Energy to support Life on Earth

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Light, Heat, Magnetic Attraction

Energy Returns

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The Earth

Provides elements to support Life: 

Air, Water, Soil, Fire.

Life travels through cycles: Daily, Monthly, Annual (seasons), and eras.

We shall reflect God’s Love back into the Universe, like the Moon reflecting the light of the Sun.

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Physical and Spiritual Energy

enters & flows through all things, including the human body.

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People return God's love back into the world

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The Human Body

7 Energy Nodes (Chakras)

1. Crown (Christ)

2. Brow / Third Eye

3. Throat

4. Heart

5. Solar Plexus

6. Sacral

7. Root

The 7 Chakras explained:

1. Crown: Violet or White. The highest level of consciousness. Complete Awareness. Enlightenment & Wisdom. Unity, in tune with God and the universe (Brahman). Bliss.

2. Brow / Third Eye: Indigo. Intuition. Imagination. Blockages: Ignorance and arrogance.

3. Throat: Blue. Communication. Speaking Truth. Blockages: speaking falsehoods, fame.

4. Heart: Green. Love & Compassion. Empathy. Caring for others. Blockages: insecurity, low self-esteem.

5. Solar Plexus: Yellow. Self-Esteem and Confidence. Courage. 

6. Sacral: Orange. Primal, sexual, creative. Blockages: Meaningless pleasure.

7. Root: Red. Stability, security, identity. Blockages: Fear, guilt, and shame.

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