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Social Health

What are you looking for in your personal relationships?

1.Anchor (Secure)

2. Wave (Anxious)

3. Island (Distant)

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Know Thy Self : What is your Attachment Style?

Know Thy Self : What is your Love Language?

 1. Words of Affirmation

 2. Gifts

 3. Acts of Service

 4. Sharing Time Together

 5. Physical Touch

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Which Love Language is compatible with you?

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Social Health Problems

Are you struggling in your relationships?

You are not alone

The modern world provides more distractions than ever before. Rest assured, there are proven methods for strengthening your personal relationships.

1. Enhance your Love Maps

2. Nurture Your Fondness & Admiration

3. Turn Toward Each Other instead of Away

4. Let Your Partner influence You

5. Solve Your Solvable Problems

6. Learn to live with your unsolvable problems

7. Create Shared Meaning (not fierce independence)


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Video: Love in Modern Times with Esther Perel

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Marriage & Relationship Research Center


Are you turning away or turning towards each other?

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